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Viking Max-Tax Refund is the best service for refunding of reimbursable amounts and overpaid federal and state income taxes in the U.S. and any withheld taxes in England as well.

Each year, hundreds of participants in the Work and Travel USA program, various U.S. nonimmigrant and immigrant visa holders, as well as participants in student brigades in England, benefit from our services.

What do we offer?


Viking offers the service since the company was established and over the years it has been recognized as an expert in the preparation of tax declarations and tax refunds from the U.S. and England.


The main advantage of Viking is that we use an automatic system for calculation of the tax declarations - the errors are reduced to zero.


We are proud of our established quick process of preparing, collecting and sending of the documents of our customers to the USA and England within 1 day.


Viking does not charge a percentage of the tax refund as commission. The price of the Max-Tax Refund is fixed. To be able to flexibly meet the needs of our customers, we offer the opportunity to pay for the service both before and after receiving the checks.


Our effective system for monitoring the processing of documents by the tax administration, allows prompt response to requests for additional information and documents by the administration and resolving of complicated cases.


We offer 100% transparent process for our clients. Our agents will spend sufficient time to answer to any questions and to clarify the procedure from the application to the receiving of the refund checks.


Each employee passes through special training in order to provide a high quality service.

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